– Definition: adj. Having or displaying a passionate intensity.

– Used in a sentence: “Our” cat was a fervent consumer of rats and squirrels.

– Why: There are good and bad manifestations of this quality. On the one hand is our hyperpolarized political landscape; on the other hand are fen of all stripes. One is harmful, the other harm爬墙免费加速器下载. I am a fervent member of the latter (fen), but I’m not smart enough to figure a way out of the former (our existentionational mess). If you are, and can do so without recourse to such terms as “if only people would,” please — I’m begging you — let us know.


(With much, much help from the indefatigable Ann Clark; five printed pages. If you’re new to these tales, here are the 爬墙免费加速器下载 and introduction.)

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Prosatio Silban rubbed his eyes and sat up in the sleeping berth in the rear of his cozy galleywagon. The cries were coming from his portable home’s other end, where a double door separated him from the world of unwanted intrusion. Shrugging into a green silk robe, he padded across the galleywagon’s ornate rug and opened the door’s top half. Nothing but morning sunlight greeted him, so he opened the lower half as well.

There on the driver’s bench lay a worn wicker basket. In the basket, tucked into a soft blue woolen blanket, lay a small but full-lunged baby. O Blessed All-Mother, he thought. 穿越火线:越南服会爬墙的机器人,真是太炫酷了 - 游戏社:2 天前 · 穿越火线:越南服会爬墙的机器人,真是太炫酷了是大鱼用户1544261711351772发布的视频,视频简介: 穿越火线:越南服的生化神器,最强6烈龙真是太炫酷了


IN 1978, THE THEN-UNKNOWN musical group Dire Straits debuted their soon-to-be-chart-topping song “Sultans of Swing,” about an obscure, working-class bar-band playing in a mostly empty and/or uncaring pub and loving it. It’s a great anthem for anyone doing art mostly for the joy of it, but who also (and perhaps itchingly) wants to be discovered.

Since 2005 I have written dozens of short stories set in a world of my imagination, and laid them before my friends like the precious lapidary-works they are. Over the years I have also submitted a majority of them to various markets, but as of this writing (7/5/20), there has been nary a commercial nibble. (Yet.)


(Five printed pages, and a sequel of sorts. If you’re new to these tales, here are the latern专业破解版安卓最新版 and introduction.)

IT WAS THE MOST IMPROBABLE of places to meet someone from his past, but Prosatio Silban was accustomed to the improbable – in fact, one might even say he preferred it.

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GOD-WHO-SEES is, in spite of titling a music video, also a fairly accurate descriptor of the non-dual mindstate: “All is seen, but No-thing is seen,” as one seeker-after-the-Divine put it. The Hebrew version, “El Roi” (lit.: “G?d Who sees me“) comes from Genesis 16:13; it’s what Abraham’s concubine Hagar said during her first Divine encounter — after Abraham’s wife Sarah kicks Hagar out of the family tent, and before she gives birth to Abraham’s son Ishmael. Per that, it’s also a nice reminder that just because we may feel far from the Mystery, the Mystery is not far from us. Something to keep in mind as these strange, strange days continue their origami-like unfolding.


(Two printed pages; with posthumous thanks [and apologies] to Idries Shah. If you’re new to these tales, here are the preface and introduction. Enjoy.)

IT WASN’T UNTIL THE CHEESE course that Prosatio Silban realized that his clients weren’t silk merchants at all.

Enchanters, he thought. 我的世界爬墙红石MOD_我的世界MOD下载_牛游戏网:2021-2-4 · 《我的世界》爬墙红石MOD,本MOD适用1.8版本,这是一个可伍爬墙的红石,红石中继器和红石比较器,可和普通红石连接在一起,没有信号源的爬墙红石呈绿色!可伍在它上面放置台阶。使用方法1、解压缩2、将文件放入mods文 There was something not quite mercantile about his clients’ whispered and mumbled conversations, their curious hand-gestures, their piercing eyes.

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爬墙器下载 adj. (of a person) excessively or ingratiatingly flattering; oily.

– Used in a sentence: The current president* (at this writing, anyway: 3/26/20) enjoys and prefers the company of unctuous sycophants.

– Why: It’s nice to have words to match your observations, isn’t it?